About Us

Kntara is a North African and Middle Eastern platform that aims to reduce the gap in the production of creative content on the web for the Media, Culture and Art. Kntara means “Bridge” in Arabic, and it is what we seek to build between communities, institutions and individuals, through successful services and technical solutions. Our Team is equipped with the Knowledge, Skills and Long Expertise to Produce Quality Services for our Clients.

Kntara’s Expertise Areas:

– Content Management and Development
– Digital Marketing
– Event Management
– Training and Consulting

Our Vision
Looking forward to create a vast Network of Journalists, Intellectuals, Artists and Technical specialists, to produce technological solutions for Media, Culture and Art. Also working to heal the rift between these fields, by producing and supporting projects and initiatives of high quality and professionalism to the service of the society.

Our Mission
Kntara’s mission is to create unique, regionally relevant and trusted web and social media content in North Africa and the Middle East availed to users to enjoy.
Kntara is working with individuals, brands, non-profits and start-ups to reach targeted audiences on both the web and mobile.

Our Values
Creativity and Innovation: Ensuring that exceptional and potential talents are properly recognized, developed and utilized.
Integrity: Ethical Content, Services, and Business Practices. Striving to gain the trust of our customers and partners.
Quality: Insisting on a high standard of quality while meeting international benchmarks.
Corporate Social Responsibility: Using our company as a tool to raise social consciousness towards issues that challenge our society.

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